21 July 2008

More From The Suppository

Fr Mildew is as close as I come to reading The Suppository. He includes a wonderful paragraph:

"'Taking a stand' is the title of a provocative article by Fr Shaun Middleton who is amongst those who object to what the Holy Father is doing in the way of his vestments, the prospect of a new and better translation of the Missal, and of course, the return of the Old Rite. You may be surprised to learn he is thinking about having a new society 'The Society of Pope Paul VI' for those who have a particular affection for the 1964 missal and the present ICEL translation. They wish to encourage rubrical flexibility which will reallow priests to leave the sanctuary for the sign of peace, that communion in the hand is reverent and altar rails are an anachonism. He says that the conscience of many Catholic priests is being tested by the subtle reform of the reform that seems to be going on at the moment."

I wish sometimes that priests like this would have the same courage of their convictions - stand up, tell the Pope he's wrong, get kicked out - that the SSPX, the Lefebvrists, had. That way we can get shut of all of them until they come to their senses and realise that their opinion and God's Holy and Revealed Magisterium don't have equal value.

Incidentally, I tried from the website to find out who owns The Tablet. The only thing for sure is that it is owned by the same people as own The Pastoral Review (another sink of 1970s Stalino-Catholic mire). We're not payingfor it from the collection, surely!


FrGregACCA said...

Still haven't figured out how to use trackback or whatever, but here's my response:

Passing the peace: it ain't half-time, folks

Young fogey emeritus said...

Well put.

The Pastoral Review...

Not the same as Homiletic and Pastoral Review, long a mainstay of orthodox RC priests?

American writer Thomas Day 'gets' mainstream RCs and explains why the Suppositorians and their American cousins don't all just leave and become liberal Protestants like they logically should: a weird mix of ethnic (non-British... often Irish) identity and class hatred (of the British). They're not Catholic.

JARay said...

Well, Ttony, I agree, in part with you.
In one way, I would be happy if the "sign of peace" would depart forever. there was a very nice ditty on The Daily Telegraph about a year ago. Sadly, I don't remember it but it opined that those who wish to jump around offering signs of peace to all and sundry, would actually **** off and leave others in peace. I have felt this way for long enough.
I do not like a priest going walk-about in supposed bonhomie. I knew one who went to everyone in the church. It took longer than the distribution of Communion! In contrast, I knew one priest who put two fingers up to everyone in the church! And I preferred him! God rest his soul!