21 July 2008

Problems With Blogger At The Weekend

Did anybody else who uses Orange as their ISP have problems accessing Blogger at the weekend? I couldn't get on at all except via a proxy, even with disabling the software and hardware firewalls, and I wasn't going to trust my username and password to a proxy.

Orange is a wonderful ISP, right up to the very rare instance when there is a problem. At that point it gets dire: one day last year I rang up to ask for confirmation that there was a problem at the exchange and was told to reinstal my operating system! When I contacted them yesterday to ask if there was a problem, they sent me instructions on how to disable a firewall ...

Still, when I complained last year that after years with Freeserve, then Wanadoo, then Orange, that I had had two problems in a couple of weeks and had received dismal customer support, they offered me an exceptionally good package to stay with them.


FrGregACCA said...

Ttony, I'm a confirmed "end user" and that is all I ever want to be when it comes to computers, so I may be out of my league even mentioning this (Khouria does all the heavy hitting when it comes to computer stuff). Anyway, we've had some conflicts recently between our Zonealarm firewall and Windows XP updates. Things got back to normal again when she uninstalled the updates, but, obviously, can only be a temporary solution.

Ttony said...

Father, I had the "ZoneAlarm meets XP" issue a couple of weeks ago: I sorted it out by getting rid of Zone Alarm once and for all and replacing it by ThreatFire (I use a hardware firewall as well). I'll give it a few weeks before I reload ZoneAlarm.

I think this was an issue with the UK ISP: it is instructive to note that I had no visits from Orange during the entire period I couldn't access Blogger.