14 September 2008

Food On Board

Somebody asked me what the food was like. This was lunch: a salmon salad for starters, followed by a steak and mushroom pie, with champ and cabbage, and then a chocolate pudding. I stuck to the white wine, resisting the temptations of the bar.

I have the idea that a bar on board an aircraft is the sort of thing that belongs to big aircraft of the early 1950s - I certainly hadn't originally expected to find one on board a plane in the 21st Century.
And I didn't resist temptation for the entire eight hours of the flight.


Mulier Fortis said...

I guess you didn't travel steerage class then!


Wow. In my airline experience, there is more nutritional content in the plastic cutlery than in the food... looks like I need to upgrade!

Anonymous said...