15 September 2008

News From Neuquén: How To Behave Heroically

Some young men gather in front of the Cathedral in Neuquén in Argentina to protect it from the approaching demonstration. The Bishop, a 70 year old Salesian called Marcelo Melani comes out to remonstrate with them: he shouts and yells at them to go away or at least, if they feel they need to pray, to go inside the Church. They ignore him by beginning their Rosary, and he dashes away to lock himself inside. That is the point at which this film starts.

They were insulted, spat on, manhandled, and they didn't resist: they prayed; they prayed "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death". They prayed with heroic serenity, for it might have seemed to one or two of them that the hour of their death might be near. They copied Jesus.

H/t to Francisco José Fernández de la Cigoña whose lack of respect for the Bishop is made manifest in expressive detal to those who can read Spanish.


JARay said...

I certainly got the drift of Francisco's opinion of the bishop.
My Spanish is very, very rusty (actually it's a kind of bastardised Portuguese). It has usually got me by in Spain.
What an utter disgrace the bishop is and how exemplary the action of those who defended both the Cathedral and life.


Anonymous said...

What great young men these are. I thank the Blessed Mother for their fortitude and protection. Great link TTONY, this one made me cry with love and joy.