28 September 2008

Fruits Of Ecumania

Damian Thompson continues his series on Futurechurch with an article about ecumenism, which quotes a fascinating and learned article by the philosopher Thomas Pink. The article is worth a serious read, but I was taken by a comment by (I think) Tom Pink himself:
"The real problem is simple. The reforms of Vatican II have become associated in the minds of many committed young Catholics in the UK and the US with, what can we say? - disaster, meltdown, destruction, annihilation, utter balls-up, that sort of thing. The legacy of the Council (rightly or wrongly) is increasingly discredited. Simple as that. These neo-traddies really do not want to know, except that it would be nice if such a horrible thing never happened again.
And in many cases, they are indeed very, very angry. Fergus Kerr, I suspect, does not begin to understand this fact. But, as Francesca has sensed, the anger is deeply there, mixed in England with contempt for a local Church management that they now sense is actually beginning to be very frightened of them; and this anger will be a major shaping influence on the Church in the future, for good or ill."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pink has good things to say. Very truthful things.
I am getting increasingly fed up of the 'fight' which seems to think the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I cannot see why we are supposed to rush away from the sandle wearing Tablet readers into the arms of the jackboot wearing Remnant readers.
I am close friends with someone who is a 'sandle wearer' and has a strong inter-religious dialogue aspect to her life. I think she is naive at times but she feeds the poor and works with people whose lives are utterly chaotic. She does so with grace and humility-and works harder than many people I know.
Those I know of the other wing are too busy being 'holy' and 'oh-so-Catholic' and looking down their noses to be bothered.
Sorry-long comment. But I am concerned at the direction Mr Thompson is going.