15 February 2007

The Catholic Prayerbook from Downside Abbey

Does anybody else use this?

The quotes on the back: Cardinal Hume; Fr Timothy Radcliffe; and Archbishop Nichols; make it look modern. The number of prayers from the Book of Common Prayer and (eg) Pastor Niermoller make it look ecumenical. But it is a wonderful compendium of Catholic prayer: Litanies (Sacred Heart, Most Holy Name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, Loreto, and the Saints); Stations; the Prayer for England; the Commendation; how to examine your conscience before Confession; the service of Benediction; prayers of Blessing. It is a wonderful aid to prayer, and a thoroughly old-fashioned compendium of prayers.

Its compiler is Dom David Foster and its ISBN is 0567086704. Have a look at it if you get the chance.

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