01 February 2007

A comment on the adoption row

Not from me, but by the editor of The Universe on his forum.

"Isn’t it amazing how things develop. On Monday we had the cardinal’s high profile intervention, accompanied by widespread support across the faith communities, so that by my Wednesday lunchtime deadline I had despatched this Sunday’s Universe to the printers, complete with the full text of the letter, stories detailing the support, and pretty rousing editorial comment. By Friday morning I was pulling out of numerous requests to be a Catholic spokesperson on radio and TV because I just couldn’t think of any sound explanation as to why Catholic adoption agencies were sending children out to gay singles, co-habiting couples and single parents, nor could I clarify the remarks of leading Catholic commentators to the effect that gay singles were fine as adoptees because it’s the ‘act, not the orientation that we’re against,’ and obviously ‘single gay people won’t be sexually active, whereas couples would be!!’"

He has a pretty good point.

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