09 February 2007

Unlock the Secrets of how Men become Pope!

How could I have missed the Vatican Boardgame available from http://www.vaticanboardgame.com/COD/index.php?id=1294? It is, according to its website:

VATICAN The Board Game
From Cardinal to Pope—how it happens . . .

VATICAN, historically accurate, is more compelling than the depictions of the Catholic Church in popular culture. Reality and truth are always more interesting than fiction.

VATICAN is a fascinating way for all to understand a central point of Catholic identity, and will appeal to a wide variety of audiences, whatever their religious preferences.

VATICAN is sophisticated, filled with nuance that makes replays as enjoyable as the first time you play it. For teachers, it’s a powerful educational tool – for a gathering of friends, it’s a stimulating experience.

VATICAN – a high quality game that makes the ideal gift. Buy now – fun and learning in an outstanding package!

The six game pieces look interesting: which one would you choose?

They are certainly more interesting than an old boot.

According to Cathleen Falsani, Religion Writer for the Chicago Sun-Times:
"It's complicated, clever and a lot more fun than it sounds ... a hybrid of Monopoly, Risk and Clue -- with a bit of theological Chutes-and-Ladders thrown in for good measure."

(I assume that Chutes-and-Ladders is an American version of Snakes and Ladders.)
All this for only $39.95 plus postage and packing outside the United States.

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Mulier Fortis said...

I bagsy the chap on the far right... (That biretta is much nicer than a mitre)