17 February 2007

When will they ever learn?

A good rule in secular life is to know when to stop digging. I wish that the Bishops would learn it too. (Weren't they trained, once upon a time, at Hatch End in how to be media-savvy?)

One might have thought that after the "Gay Adoption" row everything to do with Catholic adoption agencies would be ruthlessy examined for anything which might weaken the Church's position. Not so. I am reliably informed that a leaflet is being given out this weekend in the Clifton Diocese to accompany a second collection in aid of the Catholic Children's Society. It includes the following paragraph:

"There are Catholic children waiting for Catholic families and sadly not enough people from our parishes are coming forward. In order to match the children with families who reflect their own heritage and background, we welcome enquiries from people of all faiths and none and are keen to discuss adoption with anyone who feels they have something to offer these children. You may be single or a couple, with or without children, a homeowner or in rented accomodation. Age is not a barrier - many adopters are in their 40's and 50's."

Does this not play exactly into the Government's hands? And is this really what we expect a Catholic adoption agency's position on the adoption of Catholic children to be?

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