25 February 2007

A Lenten Meme

I was tagged by Mac at http://mulier-fortis.blogspot.com/

1. What is your favourite Sorrowful Mystery?

The Agony in the Garden. This is where I most feel like one of Christ's disciples: very keen as long as I don't have to stay awake past my normal bedtime. Yet He still died for us. I can really picture myself along with Peter: full of sound and fury, until I'm asked to do something simple like staying awake.

2. What is your favourite Station of the Cross?

The fifth: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his Cross. Imagine being able to help just that little bit! Imagine being singled out! Of course it happens every day: there is rarely a day when we can't serve Jesus in helping somebody else, even if we don't usually bother.

3. Do you fast during Lent?

Yes. No alcohol during the week; and I smoke less.

4. What is your Lenten Resolution(s)?

No alcohol during the week. Smoke less and put the money saved into the poor box. Buy fewer books and put the money saved into the red Mission box. And a lot more spiritual reading.

5. Do you use Holy Water during Lent?

No more than usual, and that means crossing myself with Holy Water when I go in or out of a Church. Holy Water is a Sacremental which plays a very small part in my life. This is one to ponder during Lent: should I use it more? How?

6. How many times do you go to Mass during Lent?

Whenever possible, though in practice this means that when I go up to London I do without lunch to go to Mass at the Cathedral. (I suppose this counts as an extra penance: doing without lunch, that is; not going to Mass at the Cathedral.)

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