08 February 2007

In favour of life, especially new life

H/t to Mr Smith's Refusal (http://mrsmithsrefusal.blogspot.com/2007/02/drunks-whores-and-murderers.html) who quotes, from Cella's Review, a wonderful piece by GKC. Read what Cella said, to get the full piece, and read what Mr Smith said to understand the context, but enjoy a paragraph which tells us why we the pro-life message is a positive one, and not just a negative one about being "anti-abortion" or "anti-contraception".

"Now a child is the very sign and sacrament of personal freedom. He is a fresh free will added to the wills of the world; he is something that his parents have freely chosen to produce and which they freely agree to protect. They can feel that any amusement he gives (which is often considerable) really comes from him and from them, and from nobody else. He has been born without the intervention of any master or lord. He is a creation and a contribution; he is their own creative contribution to creation. He is also a much more beautiful, wonderful, amusing and astonishing thing than any of the stale stories or jingling jazz tunes turned out by the machines. When men no longer feel that he is so, they have lost the appreciation of primary things, and therefore all sense of proportion about the world. People who prefer the mechanical pleasures, to such a miracle, are jaded and enslaved. They are preferring the very dregs of life to the first fountains of life. They are preferring the last, crooked, indirect, borrowed, repeated and exhausted things of our dying Capitalist civilisation, to the reality which is the only rejuvenation of all civilisation. It is they who are hugging the chains of their old slavery; it is the child who is ready for the new world."

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